MEGA Sports Camp is a church-led, volunteer-friendly outreach that engages kids preschool to Grades 1-5 (or 6), while teaching them biblical principles.

Why do kids like it? Because it's fun! MEGA Sports Camp is an active outreach. Kids don't just sit and listen to someone talk about the Bible. They have a chance to play a fun sport, like football, while learning biblical principles. Having fun makes learning easy!

Why do pastors like it? It's flexible and easy-to-use, it doesn't break the budget, and the sports attract kids that don't even go to church.

It will change your kids, your church, and your community!


"Last summer at MEGA Sports Camp, we had 42 decisions for Christ. We've never seen anything like this at VBS!"

~First Assembly of God

Pulaski, TN

"For years, we held one of the biggest and best VBS programs around but most of our kids were 'churched.' In the 5 years we have done MEGA Sports Camp, 95% of our enrollment is community kids, not 'churched.' Thanks for this incredible program that truly reaches the lost."

~Kerri Horton 

"MEGA Sports Camp gave a whole new opportunity for the men in our church to volunteer."

~United Methodist Church
Hartford City, IN 

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