What is MEGA Sports Camp?

This church-led camp uses sports to introduce elementary kids to Jesus and help them develop godly character. Targets kids in first through sixth grade.

How does MEGA Sports Camp combine sports and Bible learning?

Kids sing songs, hear Bible stories, and see cool object lessons in Bible rallies, then join their Huddle Coaches to reinforce the day's theme.

Do I have to be athletic to lead MEGA Sports Camp?

No. Just recruit one head coach per sport (up to 25 kids per head coach). The Playbooks tell them what to do. Everyone else can find a role they find comfortable—telling Bible stories, leading music, preparing snacks, and plenty more.

What sports does MEGA Sports Camp teach?

MSC provides curriculum for flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and cheerleading.

How does MEGA Sports Camp grow my church?

Kids love sports and they'll invite their friends, giving you built-in opportunities to connect with their families.

"Outreach was really our focus, and the MEGA Sports Camp program worked great. The mixture of sports activity with the Word of God is a winning combination. The sports brought in more of our neighborhood kids. And 33 got saved!" ~ Lillian Snider, Beach Fellowship Church, VA

Is MSC easy for volunteers?

Yes. Responsibilities are divided, so everyone can work in the area where they feel comfortable. If needed, people can easily fill two roles. Everything you need to train volunteers is provided in your Director Guide and Director DVD and CD-ROM, included in the Starter Kit.

When can I use MEGA Sports Camp?
  • Summer VBS alternative
  • Weekly after-school program
  • Saturday mornings
  • Summer midweek program
  • Fall festival event
  • Winter days off school
  • Spring break
  • Missions trip
What if we don't have a gym?
Special facilities aren't necessary. Bring in portable basketball hoops. Teach soccer skills in a grassy area. Or go to your local park or school for an even bigger outreach.
How flexible is MEGA Sports Camp?
It fits almost any format! Click Here to see a typical day at MSC or Here for scheduling options.
Where do I start?

The Starter Kit gets you started with everything you need, including a catalog. You can also Download the Latest Catalog.

"We had the most awesome MEGA Sports Camp outreach! The kids had a blast doing soccer, basketball, and cheerleading— and getting to do it at church with their friends. We had a one-day camp, and we're doing a whole week next time."
, Praise Assembly
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