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Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not. We’ve intentionally designed MEGA Sports Camp for everyone – regardless of athletic or coaching ability.

The MEGA Sports Camp Core Kit includes step-by-step instructions for coaching soccer, basketball, sports basics (for preschool), and cheerleading.

You’ll need to find one coach per sport (up to 25 kids per team), and all other volunteers can find a role they’re comfortable with (like teaching Bible stories, preparing snacks, leading music, and more).

No problem! Gyms and other special facilities aren’t necessary for MEGA Sports Camp.

You can bring in a portable basketball hoop, teach soccer in a grassy area, or even go to a local park for an even bigger outreach.

Volunteers are a vital part of running a successful summer outreach program. We totally get it. The problem, though, is when you struggle to get new volunteers, the volunteers that help every year get burnt out quickly.

MEGA Sports Camp helps you recruit new volunteers by getting more men involved and providing regular volunteers an opportunity to serve in a new capacity.

In addition, your core kit has everything you need to train volunteers.

The heart of MEGA Sports Camp is to introduce kids to Jesus. That’s it. We help you use sports – something that kids are familiar with – as the way to share about Jesus. Throughout every day at camp, kids will sing songs, hear Bible stories, and then put what they learn into practice through fun, sports-based activities and team huddles.

Download the MEGA Sports Camp catalog to see daily themes, activities, & more.

In addition to learning sports like basketball, soccer, and cheerleading, kids will learn about the hope and love of Jesus by combining sports with practical biblical teaching.

Whether you’re looking to do a 1-day outreach, an outreach spread over 10 weeks, or anything in between, MEGA Sports Camp provides a program that fits your unique needs. For more information, see a typical day at MEGA Sports Camp or schedule options.

The MEGA Sports Camp Starter Kit is a physical box that has (almost) everything you need to have a great summer outreach program for your kids ministry.

Once you get the kit, here’s how it works:

  1. Open it up and explore all of the resources
  2. Create your “game plan” for camp
  3. Have an incredible week making a difference in your community

You’ll need to supply volunteers and equipment, but the kit takes care of everything else!

The first thing you need to do is buy the MEGA Sports Camp Starter Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to reach new kids, engage more volunteers, and make a difference in your community like never before!

What Are
People Saying?

"Outreach was really our focus, and the MEGA Sports Camp program worked great. The mixture of sports activity with the Word of God is a winning combination. The sports brought in more of our neighborhood kids. And 33 got saved!"

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