Bible Focus

Every athlete loves to win! At MEGA Sports Camp, kids will discover how to become champions—both in sports and in their faith. They’ll enjoy action-packed sports training sessions mixed with fun rallies where you’ll introduce kids in your community to their true Champion—Jesus.

Theme and MEGA Point:


Jesus is my hero because He created me.

Bible Story:

God creates the world

Genesis 1-2

Sports story:

Usain Bolt's

heart of a champion

Theme and MEGA Point:


Jesus' love endures even when I make mistakes.

Bible Story:

Sin Breaks In

Genesis 3

Sports story:

Serena Williams's

penalty punishment

Theme and MEGA Point:


Jesus always sees exactly what I need.

Bible Story:

Jesus Is Born

Luke 2

Sports story:

Alex Morgan's

soccer immersion

Theme and MEGA Point:


Just like Jesus, I am ready to respond.

Bible Story:

Jesus Died for Us

Luke 23

Sports story:

Nick Foles's

Super Bowl win

Theme and MEGA Point:


I can be with Jesus forever.

Bible Story:

Jesus Triumphs over Death

Luke 24

Sports story:

Simone Biles's

triumphant return

MEGA Verse: But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8 (NKJV)

A Typical Day at MEGA Sports Camp

From the time kids show up to sign in to the time they head home, MEGA Sports Camp is packed with fun activities and opportunities to learn about the love of Jesus.

Opening Rally
You'll start the day with an Opening Rally packed with music and fun. This is when you can give the theme and verse of the day and provide a plan for what's to come.
Sports Session 1
After the rally, kids will split into groups and learn basic skills for basketball, cheer-leading, or soccer through fun and simple drills.
Coach Huddle
After the morning Sports Session, kids will meet with coaches for the Coach Huddle. During the huddle, coaches will reinforce the theme and verse of the day to keep the momentum going.
Sports Session 2
Back to the field (or court) we go! After meeting with their coaches, kids will go over the skills they learned earlier and practice game-like drills.
Halftime Rally and Snacks
It's halftime, which means snacks and a quick break! You'll gather the whole team for snacks, a sports story, and more time learning about the life-changing message of Jesus.
Sports Session 3
After halftime is the third and final Sports Session when kids will put their new skills into play during scrimmages.
Closing Rally
"It's already time to leave?" In the Closing Rally, you'll build excitement for day two and send your kids home with some fun activities and the daily theme. They'll be so excited to come back again tomorrow!

MEGA Sports Camp helps you make a difference in your community. Check out the video to learn more.

What's in the Box?

  • Director Guide
  • Flash Drive filled with music videos, Rally Time PowerPoint presentations with videos, art, promotions, and more
  • Playbooks for soccer, basketball, and cheerleading
  • Sports Basics for ages 4 through first grade
  • Rally Guide for large group time
  • Preschool Bible Time Guide
  • Coach Huddle Guide for small group time
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Printable forms, signs, and art for advertising
  • And more!

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